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    Recomendado por Doctors & Naturópatas



    (18 customer reviews)

    LUMINANCE® is the most powerful anti-aging collagen multivitamin. rejuvenates, nourishes, and strengthens hair, skin, nails, eyes, bones and joints.


    Recommended by doctors, naturopaths, dermatologists, and beauty experts for its premium formulation.


    • The most complete anti-aging formula for men and women
    • Contains Hydrolyzed Swiss Collagen Types I & III + 42 premium ingredients
    • Smooths wrinkles and rejuvenates skin
    • Promotes hair, nail growth and strength
    • Supports telomere, eye and bone health
    • Aids healing fractures, sprains, and scars
    • Alleviates inflammation and joint pain



    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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    LUMINANCE® is the most complete anti-aging multivitamin formula on the market. A maximum potency multi-formula designed for men and women. It provides 43 carefully selected, organic, and natural premium ingredients to nourish, rejuvenate and strengthen hair, skin, nails, eyes, bones, joints, and our organism to halt telomere shortening and delay the aging process.

    LUMINANCE® has the best quality collagen, Hydrolyzed Swiss Collagen Types I & III from bovine. It provides high antioxidant protection to protect cells and skin against aging and environmental damage. Formulated to hydrate and provide skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles and lighten aging spots. It also alleviates inflammation and the pain associated with arthritis.


    Suggested Use: Take two capsules with 8 oz. of water before bedtime to replenish the body with the nutrients it needs to repair itself while resting. Skin is the largest organ of our body. Dermatologists and beauty experts suggest its daily use to see significant results.

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    Additional information


    HYALURONIC ACID- hydrates the epidermis, reconstitutes fibers that support skin tissue, smoothes wrinkles, stimulates collagen production and aids in reducing age spots.


    PYCNOGENOL® (FRENCH MARITIME BARK)- the world’s most prestigious and effective anti-aging ingredient for skin care. More than 310 studies have been performed since 1965. Its’s phyto-molecules rejuvenate skin elasticity.


    PABA- aids in clearing age spots, helps tighten skin, stops hair loss and gray hair, and protects skin from UV damage.


    ALPHA LIPOIC ACID- the best skin tightening and whitening remedy. 400 times more effective as an antioxidant than vitamin C and E. Aids in reducing dry skin and dry eyes.


    VITAMIN A- stimulates fibroblasts to keep skin firm and healthy. Improves vision and promotes strong bone formation.


    ORGANIC GRAPE SEED EXTRACT- (Resveratrol), a powerful antioxidant that reduces free radical damage; strengthens and repairs connective tissue; improves circulation to stop hair loss; helps skin, eyes, and brain health; and slows aging effects and elasticity loss.


    ORGANIC OLIVE LEAF- contains polyphenols and phytochemical compounds to naturally combat oxidative stress, inflammation, and halt telomere shortening.


    MSM, BORON & VITAMIN D- supports strong bone formation and fights osteoporosis. MSM alleviates bursitis, tendonitis, the development of scar tissue and other musculoskeletal pains. Vitamin D improves calcium absorption, and Boron helps retain calcium in bones.


    CALCIUM- helps build bones, prevents osteoporosis, and relaxes muscles.


    DISMUTASE SUPEROXIDE (SOD)- the “youth molecule”, it prevents organ deterioration, reduces oxidative and cellular damage, promotes healthy cell growth, and protects from aging, aids respiratory and degenerative diseases.


    COPPER- stops oxidation, preventing cell destruction, and is fundamental in the formation of collagen, strong bones and healthy skin. It also fights anemia, helping iron convert into hemoglobin and an anti-inflammatory, aiding in arthritis relief.


    L-CYSTEINE- protects nerves from oxidation; this helps prevent degenerative illnesses, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cataracts, and arthritis.


    L-CARNOSINE- necessary for optimal muscle function, eyes, brain, and nervous system, as well as beneficial against autism, Alzheimer’s, cataracts, and to heal post-surgery scars.


    L-METHIONINE- benefits the liver and fights anxiety, cholesterol, osteoarthritis, menopause, muscular weakness, and Parkinson’s disease.


    SELENIUM- neutralizes free radicals and other skin-damaging compounds before they can lead to wrinkles. Essential for healthy skin, hair and for slowing the signs of aging.


    SILICA- increases nail and hair growth. Increases collagen production. Fight’s cellulite.

    18 reviews for Luminance

    1. Maria Cecilia Pires Vaz (verified owner)

      No side effects. Made a huge difference, especially in my hair

    2. EB

      Excellent product! Highly recommended. Definitely will buy again.

    3. Zydnia Bernecer

      Awesome! Like!

    4. Tana

      Incredibly good. I have been using it for almost 6 months and I am more than happy and pleased. Just after a week I started seeing improvement on my skin and nails. It’s a little expensive but worth it. I have an incredible glow on my skin, my hair is fuller healthy. I wish they’d provide coupons or discounts. Awesome product!

    5. Chris

      Great product!! I purchased this product for my wife and she loves it! And her friends appear to be interested as well! Thanks!

    6. MUnneka


    7. T PSerra

      GREAT PRODUCT. I used this product for a month and definitely saw results. My skin is radiant, fine lines and wrinkles have virtually dissapeared, my skin and lips are plump. LOVE IT! I have tried over 10 different collagen products and this is the best I have used and the quickest I have seen results with. I purchased another bottle today because I had purchased a cheaper collagen product and did not see the results I did with Luminance. It s a bit pricey but definitely worth it.

    8. VRF (verified owner)

      GREAT… I am very pleased with this product. It is a PREMIUM quality product. My hair and my skin haven`t been better…had issues with brittle nails, dull hair – fall out and dry skin. I`m amazed to see finally that one product has all the best ingredients in one formula. I used to buy a lot of these ingredients individually…now I save a TON…!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

    9. Alejandra Martinez (verified owner)

      It works great, I could see an improvement after 30 days

    10. Catherine (verified owner)

      Excellent product

    11. Elisa Badillo (verified owner)

      Great product… The skin looks radiant. One person found this helpful

    12. Heriberto (verified owner)

      An excellent product!

    13. Christi Gorka (verified owner)

      Highly recommend this amazing product! It’s a wonderful product ordered my second bottle and plan to continue monthly I suffered from body aches joint pain and it diminished over the first-week hair growth nails stronger helps to rest at night skin tone and appearance is amazing!

    14. GRACE DI FRANCO (verified owner)

      Love it! Showing improvements my skin and my hair

    15. Nori (verified owner)

      Amazing. I use it several years ago and it’s impressive how I relieve my pains at the junctures… have tried to leave them and return the pains… Please never discontinue…

    16. Tana (verified owner)

      I have been using it for almost 6 months and I am more than happy and pleased. Just after a week I started seeing improvement on my skin and nails. It’s a little expensive but worth it. I have an incredible glow on my skin, my hair is fuller healthy. I wish they’d provide coupons or discounts. Awesome product!

    17. Tanya (verified owner)

      I found the fountain of youth! Everybody asks me my what is my secret! I have fibromyalgia and I don’t have joint pain anymore. Also my hair is long and healthy, my nails long and strong. I’m more than happy with it. Love it!

    18. Annette

      The best product in the market!!

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